Is Your 3 or 4 Year Old Not Attending Nursery?

Not Attending Nursery?

15 Hours Of Free Childcare

For all 3 & 4-Year-Olds

Is your child not attending nursery?

Many children are still missing out on 15 hours of free childcare due to lack of awareness amongst parents. All children aged 3 or 4 are eligible for a minimum of 15 hours of childcare at Little Plums Day Nursery. Is your child not attending nursery?

This entitlement is not dependent on parent earnings, or entitlement to benefits. If your child is aged 3 or 4 give us a call and we will explain the options and help support your child settle into the nursery. We aim to make the process as simple as possible. We apply for the funding for you.

Early Years education is vital for helping our local children flourish and helps to provide the ideal start for school.

Our pre-school room is designed to help children develop their key skills and ability to adapt within a school. It’s important for children to learn to build relationships with other children and educators.

What about 30 hours?

Working parents of all 3 & 4 year olds could be entitled to 30 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. Little Plums allows parents to use their 30 hours in a flexible way. Please call us to discuss further.

More information on how to apply can be found here


My child is currently aged 2, are they entitled?

Although your child is not yet entitled to the 15 hours until the term after the child’s 3rd birthday. They may be entitled to 2-year funding. There are separate criteria for this and is generally based on either low earning or being in receipt of benefits. More information regarding 2-year funding can be found here.


Early years education is vital to allow them to have the best start in education. Staff at Little Plums will help answer any questions you have.

If you wish to arrange a viewing and reserve a place, call us on 01623 272730




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